5 Tips for Winter Curb Appeal

During the winter months, most people struggle to find motivation to keep their outdoor spaces in the same condition that the spring, summer, and autumn seasons inspire. Whether you are attempting to sell your home, or are simply looking to enjoy the pride of ownership in your home this winter, here are five tips that will help you take your curb appeal from the doldrums to delightful. 

Secure the Perimeter

Winter is the perfect time to take inventory of the edges of your property and work your way inside to your actual house. With much of the summer growth gone, this is the time to inspect your property line, any fencing or egress to your lot or land, as well as the health of any trees or major debris that should be removed. Especially in colder climates that experience heavy snowfall, be sure your home is free and clear of any trees or fencing that may pose a problem with significant snowfall. 

Protect the Surfaces

In the colder months, surfaces like roofs, driveways, sidewalks, and porches can become more of a threat than in warmer, more temperate months. Ensuring that there are no damages or issues for entry into your home is vital. In addition to the functional aspects of these areas, roofs with missing or damaged shingles as well as driveways or walkways in need of repair or refreshing can be a huge eyesore. If you want to up your curb appeal, make sure these surfaces are in tip-top shape.

Tend to the Turf

For most people, winter is the time of year that your yard grasses go dormant. The best advice for pampering your grass in the cold months is to stay off of it when it is icy or covered with snow to prevent big divots or messes. Additionally, landscaping experts agree that aiming to aerate and fertilize your lawn ahead of the first freeze is optimal. Seasonal fertilizers high in phosphates and potash will set you and your lawn up for springtime glory!

Remove the Smalls

Many people forget that sometimes it is the small details that can have a huge impact– both for good and bad. If you have forgotten or just simply avoided removing small, unused planters (or those with the dead, frozen remains of fall mums or a summer herb container garden), seasonal porch pillows, rugs, flags, or remaining holiday lights or wreaths, now is the time to clear out the clutter. Because the winter season tends to reveal a more unobstructed view of your home, these small items may be seen from the road by passers-by. 

Refresh for the Season

Just as it is important to remove old or dilapidated items from porches and outdoor spaces, it can also be a fun time to add in some seasonal touches to refresh your home and boost its curb appeal. From winter-proof door mats to replacing porch light bulbs, wiping down outdoor furniture to adding a nice porch-safe fire pit or a patio heater, the winter doesn’t have to be dark, dim, or dull. Your curb appeal can be a signal to potential buyers, neighbors, or even yourself– that your home is well loved, well cared for, and an outdoor reflection of all of the good things inside.