New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home

With the dawning of a fresh start at the New Year, many people find themselves in a spirit of reflection, full of ideas and inspiration on how they can improve upon every area of their lives. Some common goals people set during this time of year might include increasing their fitness routines, communicating with loved ones more than the year before, or managing their personal finances better. One area of living that might be overlooked but that carries such importance is your home. If you have never done it before, consider setting New Year’s Resolutions for your home. Below are four resolutions that might help you get started on setting your own self and home improvement.

Resolve to Schedule Routine Maintenance

Owning a home is one of the most expensive assets most people have. One of the best ways to protect that investment is to make sure you are maintaining it regularly. The New York Times has an Annual Home Maintenance Checklist that might help you get started. There are a couple of options on how you might organize this maintenance. You could schedule and perform these tasks seasonally, by systems like HVAC or roofing, or by zones within the house. No matter which option you choose, just make sure to care for your home so that it can keep caring for you.

Resolve to Audit Your Home Expenses and Make Necessary Changes

There is no better time than January to take stock of a general financial overview of your home-related expenses. Scrutinize your utility usage and take a hard look at any subscriptions or services that are being billed to you. Are you getting your money’s worth? Are any of your charges changing? What, if anything can you add or take away? Some utility companies offer levelized billing which might make it easier to budget for them, as this option allows for a standing average charge instead of big fluctuations based on the seasons. In addition to what you are already paying for, are there any services you would benefit from adding in the coming year? Perhaps you have wanted to add a front door security camera, floodlights, or budget for someone else to do your yard work. By taking time to audit your expenses you might find extra dollars you didn’t know you had. 

Resolve to Participate in Regular Deep Cleaning and Purging of Unwanted Items

Once the framework of your maintenance systems are set and your services are secured through an internal audit, consider how you might resolve to deep clean your home and clear clutter. Whether you have a PCS on the horizon or plan to stay put for years to come, regular deep cleaning and purging of unwanted items will always serve to make things easier to manage when it comes time to move. Not only will your load be lighter (and cleaner) for a move, but also it will make day-to-day living in your home much more enjoyable when there is a system in place to keep a tidy space. 

Deep cleaning can include big chores like window washing, pressure washing the sidewalks and porches, cleaning lighting fixtures and ceiling fans, as well as cleaning large appliances. The good news is if you don’t feel up to the physical challenge of doing these jobs yourself, you can easily hire these jobs out by using services like Angi (formerly Angie’s List), Thumbtack, and Porch. When it comes to purging items, be relentless. Take unwanted items to donate at a charity organization or consider selling high-value items on Facebook Marketplace or Mercari. You will enjoy the lightened-up space and someone else will enjoy and appreciate your unwanted items. 

Resolve to Enjoy Your Home by Making Sure it Serves all of Your Needs

Finally, if all of this sounds like a bit too much work or a bit too much thinking as you are just coming off of the relaxing holidays, consider the why behind maintenance, managing home-related expenses, and having a clean, clutter-free space: enjoyment. Your home is meant to be a place of rest, reprieve, and joy where you live and work alongside your family. By taking some extra care to love it well, it will love you back. A home that is well maintained, well budgeted for and free of unused or unwanted stuff will be a home that invites you to savor and appreciate it all the more.