What Celebrity Home Listings Can Teach Us

It seems as if every time you turn on the news, open the cover of a popular magazine, or scroll social media there is an announcement declaring that another famous person has their home listed for sale. Whether it is an oceanfront property, a 90-acre Montana farm, a quirky New York City apartment, or a sprawling mansion in the Hollywood Hills, these celebrity real estate listings can actually teach us a few things when it comes to listing our own homes. 

Even if the sizes and prices of these outlandishly extravagant homes aren’t our personal reality, the way that celebrity homes are marketed can actually translate into more practical ways of showcasing your property too. Below are seven things to pay attention to when it comes time to put your house on the real estate market. 

1. Celebrity home listings rely on professionals.

Whether it is professional staging or professional photography, celebrity listings don’t take a DIY approach when it comes to imagery. Professional stagers know the best way to showcase each room’s potential through tasteful decor placement and by allowing each room to show its best features. Additionally, professional photographers can utilize lenses and lighting to capture the best views of the home. 

2. Homes are cleared of clutter and personalized details.

It’s not that celebrities don’t have a home full of things, but for real estate listings, nearly everything in the home that is personal has been completely removed. Whether it is photographs of family members, memorabilia, or even strange or unique collections, it’s all been removed and put away. Having a cleared space for photographs and for in-person walk-throughs allows for potential buyers to see themselves fully in the space. 

3. Listings showcase any outdoor features that could be selling points.

Perhaps you don’t have a personal vineyard or an Olympic size lap pool on your property like a movie star or professional athlete, but whatever outdoor features your home does have should be put on display in both the photography and the written listing of your home. Celebrity listings are sure to include generous descriptions and imagery of the many uses of all outdoor spots. Maybe it’s just a gravel fire pit area, a great garden spot, or a four seasons porch, but these are selling points that should not be overlooked. Many potential buyers might envision themselves enjoying these bonus living spaces. 

4. Aerial or drone footage of the exterior and how it relates to the surrounding geography is always included. 

Even if your home is on a quarter of an acre in a highly developed neighborhood, take your cues from celebrity listings and make sure your real estate professional offers these services for their listings as well. For many families who may be home shopping from a distance prior to relocation, having extra images to see how the property relates to its surroundings can be incredibly helpful. Sure, there’s Google Earth and other topographical maps that a potential buyer can use, but having these images or video footage included in the listing adds an extra touch. 

5. Celebrity real estate listings always highlight any updates and upgrades to the home. 

Whether it’s a bungalow that has been completely overhauled or a four-story Upper West Side Manhattan brownstone that has refurbished the building’s original floors, celebrity real estate listings know how to hone in on the important details that tell buyers the home has been improved and invested in over time. You, too, should always make sure to inform your real estate agent of any major or minor upgrades you have made. Whether it is upgrading to a smart security system or installing built-in shelves in the garage, it matters. Not only does including these details add monetary value to your home, but it also sends a message that your home has been well cared for. 

6. These listings highlight the home’s privacy and exclusivity factor.

You might not be listing a twelve-million dollar estate but even if you are selling your mid-century rancher or colonial two-story from the 1990s, follow in the footsteps of the famous by ensuring that your home’s write-up explains any details about exactly what makes it so special. Maybe the neighborhood is a gated community, is zoned for a coveted school district, or there’s a great privacy fence to divert peeping neighbors. Including these details sends a message to potential buyers that the space they are coming home to is indeed personal.

7. Remember you aren’t just sharing the listing, you’re sharing and selling a lifestyle that the home affords a buyer. 

Celebrity listings may include details about famous (or notorious!) people who previously owned their homes. Additionally, the listings likely use fancy words to instill a feeling of luxury. These listings know their way around a good thesaurus: lavish, opulent, grand, extravagant, luxuriant, comfortable, gilded, sumptuous, rich, and ascetic are some words you might read. Perhaps these words aren’t words that necessarily describe the home you are hoping to sell. Whether it’s spacious, homey, light-filled, retreat, sanctuary, peaceful, or quaint, every home has its list of words so be sure to find yours. Figure out the lifestyle your home might provide someone and make sure your own listing shares the sentiment effectively.